Lincoln Electric 3350 Series Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

The Lincoln Electric 3350is a premium welding helmet that combines technology, comfort, and performance.

This unit comes with several functional features that make its usage comfortable in several ways.

Like any premium welding helmet, this unit will provide you with proper protection and will keep your head safe during the entire welding process.

Few, if any, can match the performance, protection, and built quality of this unit.

Who is the Lincoln 3350 For?

Lincoln 3350 Welding Helmet

Lincoln Electric 3350 is suitable for anyone who is serious about safety and cares about utility.

A premium model, this unit is also an ideal option for those looking to upgrade for the cheap and flimsy models; it's ideal for the welders looking for a unit that gives them most bags for their money.

Besides the standard auto-darkening feature, this unit has impressive optical ratings.

Read on our Lincoln Electric 3350 review below, to see why this unit is causing waves in the industry.


Design and Comfort

With the exception of some ultra-light helmets in the market, the Lincoln Electric 3350 is among the lightest and most comfy units in the market.

Weighing at 21 ounces, most users find it a pleasure donning this helmet.

The comfort level of this unit is simply amazing, and this is hugely attributed to the presence of several comfort-enhancing features.

For starters, the headgear on this unit is adjustable, meaning you can easily set the helmet based on your head size. The helmet allows you to tighten or loosen depending on your comfort level.

Better yet, adjusting this unit is a cinch, thanks to the availability of a knob that is easy to turn and it locks once it’s set.

Besides adjustability, this unit comes with a suspension system. The suspension system on this unit is specifically tailored to reduce the load on your neck and shoulders.

Finally, users will love the head retention system. The head retention system is a sophisticated advancement that lets you wear your helmet without exerting pressure on your head or shoulders.

The presence of this unit will deliver incredible and significantly higher levels of comfort vis a vis the helmets with no retention technology.

Large Viewing Area

When picking a helmet, it's critical to consider the viewing area.

Acquiring a large and right viewing area not only gives you freedom but will equally deliver more accurate results.

With the Lincoln, you get agenerous viewing area of 3.74" x 3.34". With such an extensive optical ground, you can cover more areas during your weld, ultimately making your work easier.

Optical Clarity

Visibility is of the essence during welding.

Poor visibility creates a lot of barriers, and welders, especially beginners, may not achieve their desired weld.

The good thing with Lincoln is that it offers the highest possible optical clarity.

This unit relies heavily on the quality optics, and according to many users, the Lincoln rates highest in:

  • Optical class
  • Angle dependence
  • Variation in luminous transmittance
  • Diffusion of light class

Excellent Lens Sensitivity

Sporting wonderful lens sensitivity, the Lincoln will allow you to have a better control o the shade on your lens.

Consequently, this gives you optimal welding efficiency as well as improves overall safety.

Magnifying Lens

The magnifying lens on Lincoln gives you the ability to zoom, and this lets you focus accurately on every detail of your project.

The ability to get a closer look when actively welding is integral as it helps you avoid instances of double-checking or even having to inspect the metal joint all the time.

In a nutshell, the magnifying promotes a more streamlined welding process and prevents fatigue even after extended use.

4C Lens Technology

4C technology is the latest lens technology in the market.

The 4Cs in this technology stand for:

  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Color
  • Carat

4C technology will improve your welding visibility and minimize the green-tinted glow.

A major benefit of having this technology on the helmet is that it gives you a natural view, and at the same time offering protection against the infrared rays.

The 4C technology works in a way to reduce eye strain, and according to the users, it will almost eliminate eye fatigue.

Shade Settings

The varying shade settings of a lens are put in place to provide a better experience to the welders, regarding safety as well as convenience.

Unless you are working on an application with extremely low TIG welding, these settings are ideal for a majority of the welding applications.

Besides the adjustable shade settings, this unit further comes with four arc sensors.

According to the manufacturer, the arc sensors on this helmet can detect the flash at the speed of 1/25,000 seconds, and this makes the helmet extremely responsive. The responsiveness of this helmet means that you can rest easy knowing that you'll always get protected.

Battery Life

Having the battery of a helmet die mid-arc poses a safety threat as you can potentially get flashed by the arc weld and hurt your eyes.

This is why it’s critical to have a helmet that is charged, and more importantly, equipped with agood battery backup.

With the Viking, no need to worry about unexpected arc flashes.

This unit comes with solar-rechargeable batteries, meaning you simply need to leave the helmet on a window when you’re not using it.

Better yet, this helmet comes with a LED indicator that flashed once the battery starts to run low.

Our major concern with this helmet lies in the design, especially on the glossy coating. Though the glossy coating matters a lot to those who care about aesthetics, it gets scratched easily and may affect the looks on your helmet sooner than you hoped.

Otherwise, all the other components on this unit are top.

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