Jackson Safety Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Safety should always be a primary concern when performing welding tasks.

Besides safety, a welding helmet should equally help to improve on the overall welding performance.

And today, we are going to review Jackson Safety Insight Welding Helmet, one of the best auto darkening welding Helmets in the market.

What is the Jackson HSL100 Helmet?

Jackson Safety Insight Variable Welding Helmet

The Jackson Safety Insight is a product of the infamous Jackson Company.

For a long time, Jackson has been known for creating products sporting rugged durability, and Jackson Safety is no exception.

The Jackson HSL100 combines both safety and efficiency to promote an efficient, safe and swift weld.

A premium model, this unit boasts of sensitivity settings as well as adjustment delays, and combined, these features will go a long way at improving your overall welding experience.

Who is the Jackson HSL100 For?

As its name suggests, this welding helmet is an ideal option for the welder, who places safety as their priority.

This unit is flush with safety features and will go a long way to preserve the safety integrity of the user.

An easy to use and intuitive model, the Jackson Safety is also an ideal option for the beginners who have just begun on their welding journey.

Equally, this unit is a performance-oriented welding helmet, and it has all that a seasoned welder might be looking for.

But what makes the Jackson Safety so unique.

In the review below, we shall explore the features and benefits of this welding helmet.


Comfort is a key consideration when choosing a welding helmet.

Weight is a critical factor that determines the comfort and ergonomics of a helmet.

See, if a helmet is weighty, it will strain your head as well as your neck.

Fortunately, the Jackson Safety excels at keeping weight to the minimum and at the same time, providing unmatched comfort.

This helmet is designed for optimal weight distribution across your head and neck. This helps to eliminate the pressure points while keeping the welder as comfortable as possible.

Weighing at less the 2 pounds, this helmet is lightweight

Weighing at a mere 2 pounds, this helmet is extremely lightweight and it will not bog or weigh you down during your welding experience.

Another thing worth noting is the modest dimension of this helmet. Sporting a dimension of 1 x 1 x 1 inches, the Jackson Helmet is narrow enough, letting you work in small and confined spaces.


Besides comfort, the design is also a contributing factor to the safety of the helmet.

This helmet, for instance, comes with a padded head strap that will protect your head against accidental hits.

The unit further comes with an extended collar section, and this gives you the advantage to protect your throat against the metal debris, sparks, ash, and fumes.

In high-amperage welding, heat can be extreme, and the material construction of the helmet can severely make the difference in operator comfort, productivity, and safety.

Fortunately, Jackson is manufactured using premium PC + ABS material.

The benefit of this combination has high heat resistance, and is incredible at shock absorption.

Viewing Area

Though Jackson Insight is a compact unit, ironically, it comes with a generous viewing area.

Remember that a large viewing area will improve overall visibility.

With a viewing area of 3.93 x 2.36 inches, Jackson will give you a crisp and clear view of the welding area and even the surrounding areas.

Contrastingly, though a large welding area is typically associated with increased weight, this extensive viewing area does not contribute to increased weight.

Auto Darkening Lens

The auto-darkening lens on this unit features p to four arc sensors.

While there are units with even a greater number of sensors for improved sensitivity, the four arc sensors on this helmet are decent and will provide exceptional performance.

These sensors let you modify the arc sensitivity, and darken the lens as you desire.

The sensitivity on this helmet will protect you against the harmful light emissions at all times. In particular, we love how they automatically darken within seconds to an appropriate shade when an arc is struck.

If, for instance, you're working in a congested workshop with other welders operating nearby, you can reduce the welder's arc sensitivity to prevent triggering or darkening when your counterparts strike their arc.

 A highly versatile unit, the Jackson Insight will further let you toggle between the shade's settings t allow you to optimize yours hade for optimal comfort.

Delay Adjustment

The delay controls will let you shorten or lengthen the amount of time required for this helmet to return to normality after completing a weld.

This is quick handy, especially in tack welding, and where an operator needs to move swiftly to the next application.

If, for instance, you're working on thicker materials, you can set the delay period to be longer so that you will not have to view the larger and hotter weld nuggets after the end of the session until the weld cools for several seconds.

Grind and Weld Mode

Versatility on this unit is further underlined by the number of applications that it can handle.

A value-centric welding helmet, this unit has several modes that make it suitable to weld the various applications, including MIG welding, Arc welding, and Stick welding.

Easy To Use

As we had mentioned earlier in the introduction, the Jackson Insight is an intuitive and simple helmet.

The overall design and operation have been simplified to allow even beginners to get comfortable operating the unit.


The Jackson Insight is a budget model, yet, it has more or less the same features we have witnessed in the premium and expensive units in the market.

A compact and functional unit, the Jackson will go a long way to serving your welding needs.

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