Westinghouse iGen2500 Generator Review

Westinghouse is one of the popular generator brands today. Having been in the generator domain for more than three decades, it's not a surprise many people trust this brand.

Despite its popularity, it does not mean that every Westinghouse generator will fit your needs,

In this article, we are going to review one of their products; the Westinghouse iGen2500. In this Westinghouse iGen2500 Digital inverter generator review, we shall shed more light on this portable power model.

Features and Benefits


Sporting a sleek and pleasant design, the Westinghouse iGen offers a great, sleek, and pleasing appearance.

And if you are an outdoor enthusiast looking for something more mundane and laid-back, this inverter generator offers a camo variation.

Either way, the Westinghouse is one of the appealing generators in the market.

Beauty aside, this generator is extremely lightweight and portable. Weighing 48 pounds and with a modest dimension of 19.7 x 11.22 x 17.91 in, this portable generator will allow you to bring it anywhere with you.

Weighing at less than 50 pounds, it means you can carry this unit anywhere you desire by hand, and this makes it ideal for RVing. Such portability also makes this generator ideal for other activities such as the outdoor gatherings in remote locations.

In addition to the lightweight design, the iGen comes with a built-in suitcase-style handle, and this will provide you with the ultimate convenience when storing and transporting the generator.

Power Output

When it comes to the performance of the iGen, you can never question its reliability.

Using a reliable 4-stroke engine, this generator can produce a surge output of 2,500 watts and a running output of 2,200 watts.

Though the figures generated by this unit fall in the middle range, you’ll be surprised at the number and type of appliances that Westinghouse iGen2500 can power.

With such a power output, you do not have to worry about power shortages at all. Ideal for camping, RVing as well job site, you can use this inverter generator to power a myriad of devices including lighting system, microwaves, small refrigerators, and lightweight to moderate power tools.

Inverter Technology- Safe for Sensitive Electronic Devices

Westinghouse iGen2500 is an inverter generator, meaning it is safe for electronic devices. Using an advanced circuitry, this generator transforms DC power to AC power, ideal for use for your appliances.

More importantly, it generates stable and high-quality energy with a total harmonic distortion of <3%, which makes it safe for use with sensitive appliances.

So, whether you are planning to use this unit to charge your laptops, smartphone, tablets, or smart TV, you can rest be assured that they are safe, protected from an electric surge.

In a nutshell, you can use the iGen2500 on virtually all appliances without worrying on the potential damage of electric surges.

Parallel Capability

If the 2500 watts generated by this unit is still not sufficient to power all your devices, you’ll be glad to learn that this unit has a parallel capability feature.

This is a feature that will allow you to connect another iGen series and boost your output by double through a single output.

Fuel and Fuel Efficiency

The iGen generator series is known for optimal fuel efficiency, and the iGen2500 will provide you with fuel efficiency up to three times the usual rate of fuel efficiency.

With a fuel capacity of 1.2 gallons, this unit will provide you with a generous runtime of a whopping 12 hours when operating at ¼ load.

So far, this is the largest runtime we have seen with all the generators we have reviewed, and with this unit, you can enjoy a moment of power from dusk to dawn.

Contributing to iGen’s fuel efficiency is the Efficiency Mode feature that will allow the unit to run at maximum fuel efficiency.

When this mode is triggered, it allows the unit to adjust its RPM according to the power getting drawn of the load, and by doing this, it optimizes on the fuel consumption.

Ultra-Quiet Operation

A noisy generator is such as hassle and a distraction, and a lot of people are quite cautious about it. A noisy generator will not only distract your sleep, but it will also affect your neighborhood.

Fortunately, all the iGen generator series from Westinghouse are super-quiet and will not distract you.

As it happens, the iGen2500 is rated at 52 decibels, which is quite a low level of noise. With such a noise rating, you can use the generator at its full potentials, and at the same time, have a candid conversation without distraction.

Easy to Use

Sporting an easy to use control panel, you will not have to struggle to locate a control function during an emergency.

The iGen2500 control panel is easy to use and navigate. Going by the reviews, even new users with no generator experience had an easy time using this unit.

While at it, it would be worth mentioning that this unit is as versatile as it can get as it features up to 4 receptacles (2 USB, 2 AC outlets) and this help to improve the convenience of using this unit.


A flush with plenty of features packed in such a compact device, it’s easy to see why the iGen2500 is the absolute best.

Highly portable and powerful, this generator lives up to Westinghouse brand and will provide you with real value for your money.

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Report24h.com - January 1, 2020

Generally, there is a significant price difference between a recreational generator and a professional work site generator but there is not that much difference between the Westinghouse iGen2500 and the Westinghouse iPro 2500. The main difference is that the Westinghouse iPro 2500 is both CARB and OSHA compliant but in terms of run time, power and energy efficiency these models are the same.


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