Westinghouse WGen7500 Dual Fuel Generator Review

Westinghouse has been at the frontline at providing quality generators. Producing smart appliances and at the same time transforming technological inventions, Westinghouse has been consistently providing years of value.

Its latest creation, the WGen Series is anything to go by, and like all the Westinghouse models, the WGen series is one that will not disappoint you.

In particular, we shall be looking at the Westinghouse 7500 generator, and see whether it lives up to the WGen Series and by large the Westinghouse brand.

Quick Summary on Westinghouse 7500

Westinghouse WGen7500 Generator

As we have mentioned above, the Westinghouse 75000 is part of the Westinghouse WGen line of series.

Quiet, powerful and portable, this generator has plenty of features to love. Sporting a 4 stroke OHV engine, the Westinghouse 7500 is reliability strong and will provide you with excellent fuel efficiency.

Features and Benefits of Westinghouse 7500


Generators are usually placed on the outdoors, meaning they’re at the mercy of storms and other weather.

Fortunately, the construction of the Westinghouse is durable and can stand up to the harsh environment.

This unit, or instance, is constructed entirely from steel alongside forged pistons and connection rods, making the unit extremely durable.

Dimension-wise, the Westinghouse 7500 is considered compact for its size. With an overall dimension of 27.32 x 26.18 x 26.2 in, this unit is fairly compact and easy to store.

Our only concern lies in the weight of this unit. Weighing at 192 pounds, the Westinghouse is not a grab and take off the generator as it's quite heavy and will require some thought to move it.

Leverage wise, we're glad the manufacturer has included two wheels which will bear most of the weight of this unit, and this makes it easy to lift and move the generator.


A 4-stroke, 420cc OHV engine acts as the drivetrain to propel the robust Westinghouse 7500. This type of engine is generally known for its reliability and fuel efficiency.

Offering the convenience of both an electric and manual start, this engine will provide you with a surge output of 9,000 watts and a running output of 7,500 watts.

While the power output is certainly not the highest we’ve come across, it sits it right in the middle regarding the most powerful generators.

With such power, you're able to power a majority of your household appliances. Beyond your household, this unit is ideal for emergency purposes and will keep you powered in the event of a blackout.

Fuel Efficiency

Reiterating to what we mentioned above, the drivetrain on the Westinghouse is renowned for its fuel efficiency, and this is evident with the performance of the Westinghouse 7500.

Sporting a generous 6.6-gallon fuel tank, the Westinghouse can provide you with a runtime of up to 16 hours.

What this means is that this generator will keep you running for a whole day and even transition into part of your night without having to worry about your energy needs.

While still on fuel efficiency, it would be worth pointing out that this unit comes with a host of energy-saving features.

The alternator laminations, for instance, will help in optimizing the electrical output, while limiting on fuel consumption.

The automatic voltage regulation, on the other hand, is an awesome feature for the electrical appliances requiring more electricity, as it ensures none of the excess energy is lost during connection.

Noise Rating

The Westinghouse 7500 is advertised as one of the quietest generators in the market. This is largely because the engine on this unit uses an oversized muffler alongside a catalyst known as the Pulse-Flo(TM).

Though the manufacturer has not indicated the actual noise rating on this unit, the customer reviews can attest to the fact that the Westinghouse 7500 is relatively quiet when compared to other generators in the market.


A multi-functional unit, the Westinghouse 7500 comes with standard household outlets, including four 120V for standard home appliances, a single 120/240V twist outlet and a quarter-turn NEMA twist lock connection.

Transfer Switch Ready

The convenient twist lock outlet will allow you to easily tie your unit into your household through a transfer switch, and this will allow you to power all of your necessary appliances when you need them most.

Moreover, the transfer switch allows you to power all your appliances on a whole house basis, provided you follow the correct procedure of hooking the unit after your main breaker to the power supply.

However, understand that this unit does not support DC connections, meaning there’re no DC outlets.


Starting the Westinghouse 7500 is easy as it can get.

To start this unit, you'll simply need to push a single button, and you're good to go. The onboard battery charger port on this unit will help at extending the life of your battery, and this is to mean that the WGen 7500 will start immediately when you need it most.

Alternatively, you can start the WGen 7500 using the remote start key fob. Here, this unit will allow you to conveniently and without much of a hassle start the generator remotely from a distance of up to 109 yards.


To protect the generator from harmful elements, the manufacturer has covered all the outlets with rubber covers to prevent the entry of harmful debris.

The low oil shutoff is yet another awesome safety feature that automatically shuts off the generator in case the oil level gets low, and this helps in preventing engine damage.

And finally, though the WGen is covered by cast iron sleeves, this unit comes with top roll bars, which help in furthering the protection on this unit. The bars will cushion the generator against accidental drops.

Finally, the WGen meets the safety standards set by CARB as well as CSAEPA.

What We Didn’t Like

Our biggest bummer with this generator is probably its weight. With 195 dry weight make this unit quite bulky.

Weight notwithstanding, the WGen is among the high performing generators in the market. With a strong and reliable output, powerful performance and durability; this unit has all it takes to keep you smiling all way through power emergencies.

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