Wen 56310i 3100W Inverter Generator Review

When it comes to generators, few companies can match the quality of products manufactured by Wen. Wen is an established market leader in the generator domain, and today, we shall be reviewing one of its latest offerings the Wen 56310i.

Built with both the user and the environment in mind, the Wen 56310i features everything necessary to guarantee a great power backup or even a great RVing experience.

Providing you with up to 3100W of power with a noise rating of 57 decibels, this EPA and CARB compliant generator will power your lifestyle and provide you with industry-set reliability.

Read on our comprehensive Wen 56310i review below, and see what this unit has to offer.


Wen 56310i 3100W Inverter Generator Review

Design Build

You cannot fail to notice the Wen, thanks to its striking yellow cover profile with a black undertone, for both a professional and a powerful look.

Besides the aesthetically pleasing design, the Wen is extremely compact, and it packs plenty of features into a small, compact, and light unit.

All the components on this generator are packed into a hard plastic body that ensures they are kept safe from drops and bumps, and this helps to extend the longevity of the unit.

With a dimension of 23 x 16.5 x 19.5 in and weighing 81.4 pounds, the Wen is one of the lightest models out there, and few, if any, can beat this model when it comes to simplicity and lightness.

The compact design makes moving the Wen around the house or campsite a breeze, and the maneuverability of this unit is further bolstered by the presence of a convenient and collapsible handle.


Under the hood, the Wen is powered by a 4-stroke, single cylinder OHV engine.

This engine gives this unit the capability to deliver a surge wattage of 3100W and a running wattage of 2800W.

Comparatively speaking, this power output is not the highest we have seen and is outclassed by some of the Briggs and Stratton models.

The good news is, despite the modest power output, this unit will still power your camping needs comfortable, and will ensure that you are powered in case there is a power outage as it can power, most, if not all your household appliances.

Parallel Connection

Better yet, if you need more power than the Wen has to offer, you will be glad to understand that it supports the parallel connection capability.

What this means is that you can connect the Wen 56310i to another unit and this should help to up your power output.

Inverter Technology

As an inverter generator, the Wen 56310i will provide you with a current with minimal distortion, and this makes it ideal for powering the sensitive electronics.

The Wen 56310i. is further tailored to meet the power demands of the sensitive electronics as it incorporates a multitude of outlets.

The unit’s receptacles include:

  • 2 USB ports
  • 4 AC outlets
  • 1 DC receptacle

Fuel Efficiency

The Wen runs using unleaded gasoline. The gasoline used in the Wen, however, should have an octane rating of above 87, and this is to mean that only the mid and high-grade gasoline applies to this model.

We had earlier mentioned that the Wen comes with a generous tank with a volume of 1.85 gallons. With this volume, this generator can provide you with a runtime of 7 hours on ½ a load.

While the unit does not provide you with a high fuel tank volume, it does provide you with optimal fuel efficiency.

A major contributor to the efficiency is the eco-mode feature, a standard feature in inverter generators.

Triggering the Wen into eco-mode will switch this bad boy into a fuel-conserving beast.  The eco-mode allows the unit to automatically adjust its fuel consumption based on the load at hand.

Beyond making the unit economical, the eco-mode will allow the generator to generate less noise and extend the longevity of the engine.


Speaking of noise, the Wen generator has a desirable noise rating of 57 decibels when measured from 23 meters.

However, understand that when on full load, expectedly, the noise on this unit can go as high as 68 decibels.

Ease of Use

The Wen comes with a relatively modest design and is easy to operate, even for the less savvy users.

The controls with similar functions and purposes, for instance, are clubbed together, and this will allow easy use and access.

The control panel is also conveniently placed for an easy reach, and here, you will find several control buttons, which include:

  • Eco-mode button-This helps in optimizing fuel usage and improving fuel efficiency
  • 3-in-1 switch
  • Parallel connection ports
  • Low oil light
  • Overload light
  • Outputs
  • Grounding nut

From the above list, you will also realize that the Wen is as safe as it can get as it plays host to some safety features.

The overload light, for instance, will blink when you overload your unit, while the low oil light will warn you in case your generator is running low on fuel.

Conclusion: Is the Wen 56310i Right for Me?

Going by the reviews we have on this generator; I think it's a good deal.

The Wen 56310i is an ideal generator for those who are not only looking to power their appliances but also get clean, reliable, and quiet power.

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