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How to Build a Welding Table? – The DIY Guide

A welding table is a necessity for any welder as it provides you an ergonomic working surface that you can use for your welding projects. You can attach electric devices, work clamps, and other necessary equipment to the table; to improve your work performance and efficiency. If you’re a DIYer, you can build a welding table to […]

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How Does a Plasma Cutter Work?

Plasma cutters are now a staple of the industry, and they’re used largely in custom auto shops, fabrication, industrial construction, and even locksmith. This leads us to the question “what is plasma cutting?” and “how does it work?” Plasma cutting is defined as a welding process that cuts electrically charged materials such as metals, through a pressurized […]

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How to Change Battery in Welding Helmet – [Miller and Hobart]

Auto-darkening helmets are great safety assistant that help welders to avoid the common welding safety hazards such as heat, UV rays, splatter, and sparks. Unfortunately, a majority of the welding helmets are battery-powered, ad this means that you have to replace the batteries ever so often. From the word go, replacing welding batteries might seem challenging, but […]

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What is Flux Core Welding? – [Things to Know]

Flux core welding is an automatic or semi-automatic fusion welding process, and it was introduced in the early 1950s, as an alternative to shield metal arc welding. In practice, it’s similar to MIG welding, in which both of these processes use a continuously-fed consumable tubular electrode. A striking difference between these two processes is the flux wire. […]

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What is the Difference Between MIG and TIG Welding?

MIG and TIG welding are the two popular welding processes we have. But between the two, which is better? Well, none is better, and their suitability will depend on your welding needs. If you’re still unsure of what welding type to choose, we shall compare both of them and list their differences below. But before then, let’s understand the […]

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How to Weld With a MIG Welder? – [Know the Basics]

Learning how to weld can be quite frustrating. Gladly, we’ve compiled this comprehensive tutorial for those looking to learn to MIG weld without going to class.MIG WeldingBe as it may, MIG welding is relatively easy to learn compared to other welding techniques. This is because in MIG welding, starting the arc will only require pulling of the […]

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