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Inverter Generators Vs. Conventional Generator – Which One Should You Choose?

The sale of generators is expected to rise in the next few years steadily. Whether you’re looking to watch your TV while travelling or charge your phone during power outages, a generator offers a convenient portable source of power.Read: What is an Inverter Generator?However, there’s one big choice to make when selecting a generator; inverter […]

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RV Inverter Install: Four Different DIY Methods To Get Off The Grid

For a small inverter, installation is a straightforward affair as it comes with a convenient cigarette lighter outlet. Anything larger, however, will need wiring directly to your batteries.Wiring an InverterThe good news is, there are a plethora of ways to wire your inverter. However, whatever wiring method you choose to go with, it’s crucial you ensure that […]

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What is a Power Inverter, and How Does It Work?

Everyone uses some kind of electronic gadget on their motor vehicle, semi-truck, SUV, RV, or car. Most of these electronics have one thing in common: they are powered through a cigarette lighter. While that is quite convenient, what about if you plan to power something more elaborate? For instance, make a toast on your semi truck, […]

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How to Install a Power inverter in a Camper?

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, having power in your camper van is a good way to make it feel more like “home”. Rather oddly, few camper vans are self-reliant when it comes to power. In any case, generators have traditionally been used to generate power. But the truth be told, you would not rather have a generator […]

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