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Yamaha Ef2400ishc Review – Features and Benefits

There are a variety of generators out in the market, but perhaps, the Yamaha Ef2400ishc is your best bet. This generator choice is not a surprise, since Yamaha, is a brand that has for a long time, been recognized to manufacturer high quality and durable products. This 24000-Watt Yamaha Ef2400ishc lives up to Yamaha legacy with a […]

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Champion 3400W Dual Fuel Generator Review

Champion is a household name with an exciting portfolio of premium generators. One of my favorite, which I think you will like is the Champion Dual Fuel inverter generator. A highly versatile unit, this 3400-watt dual fuel generator has a whole arsenal of features to offer. To learn more about this awesome generators, read on our […]

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WEN 56200i Portable Generator Review – Is It Best for You?

We like the fact that an increasing number of manufacturers are now turning their attention to smaller, portable, and performance-oriented generators. One such unit is the Wen 56200i; this beautifully made inverter generator features a revamped styling for 2020, and thanks to the modern technology incorporated in this unit, it delivers clean and quiet power devoid […]

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Wen 56310i 3100W Inverter Generator Review

When it comes to generators, few companies can match the quality of products manufactured by Wen. Wen is an established market leader in the generator domain, and today, we shall be reviewing one of its latest offerings the Wen 56310i. Built with both the user and the environment in mind, the Wen 56310i features everything necessary […]

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Predator 4000 Generator Review

Ever heard them saying ‘They don’t make e’m like they used to?” The Predator seems to be an exception to the above statement. The Predator 4000, in particular, part of the Predator line of generators is solidly built, and strictly speaking in terms of power vs. price, the generator is one of the best deals out […]

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