Sportsman Gen4000df Dual Fuel Generator Review

Ideal for use for home, small businesses, and outdoor events, the Sportsman Gen400df is both a flexible and portable generator that has impeccable advantages and features.

At the moment, the Sportsman is the most powerful unit of its kind on the market and offers a brilliant choice for those who don’t mind something retro and old school but still want something to suit their household needs.

In the Sportsman 4000df review below, we shall be exploring everything you need to more about this dual fuel unit.

Features and Benefits

Sportsman Gen4000df


Design-wise, the Sportsman is not exactly a portable unit, and this is something a lot of users have complained about.

Weighing at 90 pounds and with a dimension of 24.5 x 16.5 x 17 in, the Sportsman Gen4000df is a bulky unit.

And since it a dual fuel, running on either gas or propane, you might need to store it in a single place, since it will need to have a cylinder attached at all times.

Again, unlike the other portable generators, we have reviewed, it's quite a shame that the manufacturer, despite the weight, has not included at least a set of caster wheels to make the unit a bit portable. This is to mean, to move the unit, you'll have to pick it by yourself.

The good thing with the design, however, is that it comes with a pair of heavy-duty handles attached to the frame for easy lifting

Also, this unit is sturdily built for the ultimate longevity. The entire Sportsman edifice, for instance, is housed by a sturdy and durable aluminum frame that forms like a scaffold protecting the interior components of your generator against drops and whatever nature might throw.

Power Output

It’s no secret that the Sportsman has failed us in the design department, more particularly, regarding weight and size.

However, it does make up for that with an incredible performance or rather power output.

Under the hood of this monster unit, we have a powerful and reliable 212cc OHV engine that is capable of delivering a running output of 3500 watts and a surge wattage of 4000 watts.

Now, if you know anything about generators, you understand that with such amount of power output, you are looking onto a device that will virtually cater to all your powering needs.

Though it still ideal for the lightweight tasks, the Sportsman Gen400df is primarily marketed as a heavy-duty generator that will cater to your moderate to heavy tasks.

Here, whether you are planning to power your refrigerator, 13,500 BTU air conditioner, freezer, to your heavy duty construction tools, the Sportsman will comfortably handle all your power needs without a glitch.

Similarly, it makes up for a great power option for recreational activities, such as camping, RVing, and tailgating.

Dual Fuel

Power aside, the biggest selling point, or at least what we think of the Sportsman Gen400df is the fact that it’s a dual fuel generator.

Yes, you heard me straight; this generator will provide you with the option of either using gasoline or propane, whatever you feel is best for you.

Now, while you might think the only difference between these type of generators and the single fuel generators lies on the extra type of fuel you can use, you’ll realize that there’s much more to it.

For starters, this Sportsman unit will provide you with the ultimate versatility on the type of fuel to use, and consequently double your chances of having power at remote locations.

Accessibility is yet another benefit of this Sportsman unit. Let’s be honest, if you’re tailgating, some of the remote locations do not have a steady supply of gas/propane, and this is why having the option of using either, can actually be a “life-saver.”

Finally, with the Sportsman generator, you are assured of a continuous power supply as you will get individual run times of both fuel types.

Fuel and Fuel Efficiency

When choosing a generator, one of the crucial characteristics to look out for is the presence of good fuel efficiency.

Gladly, the Sportsman GEN4000DF is designed to deliver excellent fuel efficiency.

When on a full tank (3.6-gallon) of gas, this Sportsman unit can provide you with a runtime of 10 hours when running on ½ load. When running on a propane tank, this unit can provide you with 12 hours at 5o% load.

Pigging back on what we had mentioned earlier on continuous power output, you will realize that when total runtimes of both fuels are combined, you’ll get a collective runtime of more than 20 hours.

This is to mean that the Sportsman will provide you with the time you need to enjoy with your family or friends without needing to worry about a power outage.


Noise is yet another consideration to make when choosing the best dual fuel generator, and the Sportsman does not disappoint.

The Sportsman is the rate at 69 decibels. Though it's not the least we have seen and is going to bother, it's still a bargain for the unit's size and compared to the amount of power you can draw from this unit.

Intelligent Panel Design

For ease of use, this unit sports an intelligent panel design. This design comes will centralized controls, including the receptacles, and this allows for simple operations.

Safety Features

For a powerful generator such as the Sportsman Gen400df, having a clear-cut and elaborate safety system is of the essence.

Expectedly, this unit plays host to a plethora of safety features that include an overload protection system and the regulator hose.

This is not to mention that the unit is EPA-Approved, meeting the highest safety standards in the industry.


By and large, we can all agree that Sportsman Gen400df is a powerful device that will virtually get all your appliances running.

Save for its bulkiness, I think, this would be a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable power source.

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