Ryobi Bluetooth 2,300-Watt Super Quiet Generator Review

The Ryobi 2300 Generator is ideal for tailgating, camping, and for household uses; this 2300W Bluetooth generator will provide you with quiet, affordable, and long-lasting power.

Unlike other commercial-oriented units, the Ryobi is more of a recreation unit with modest power output.

Features and Benefits of Ryobi 2300

Ryobi Bluetooth 2,300-Watt Generator


Though this model is a budget option, you’ll be surprised at the awesome design features of the generator. For starters, everything in the Ryobi is nicely and neatly contained in a plastic housing.

Weighing at 56 pounds, the Ryobi 2300 is certainly one of the lightest models in the market, and this makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a portable generator.

Better yet, picking the unit is a breeze, thanks to the presence of handles at the top that will help in easy lifting.

When it comes to stowing the generator away, we love the telescopic handle that will fold and allow you to store the unit neatly when not in use. Contrary to the swinging handles, the telescopic handles give the Ryobi a cleaner look.

To further boost the portability of this unit, the manufacturer has included a set of small and hard wheels that work well on hard surfaces and packed the soil.

Now, while the telescopic handles are welcome, you will notice they're not sturdily built, and we have seen many complaints about the flimsiness of the handles.

Performance/ Power

The Ryobi 2300 is powered by a feisty 80c OHV 4-cycle engine that delivers a surge output of 2300 watts and a running output o 1800W.

Certainly, the above output rating will not make this unit the perfect generator for commercial or heavy-duty enterprises.

But rather, the Ryobi is classified as a lightweight generator that works well for appliances that do not require high demands.

Reiterating to what we mentioned in the beginning, the Ryobi is an ideal unit for camping or tailgating as the mentioned activities do not require high amounts of energy.

Similarly, this unit makes up for a ​for a perfect generator to run your lightweight household appliances such as the lighting systems and maybe a smart Television during power outages.

Parallel Connectivity

The 1800 watts generated by Ryobi might be a tad under power for many of us. However, it’s glad to know that the Ryobi supports parallel connectivity.

What this means is that the Ryobi will allow you to hook a similar unit to the Ryobi 2300, and this will allow you to boost your power output.

So, if your appliances are a little underwhelmed by the power generated by this unit, you can double the power output to 3600 watts by hooking a second generator.

Inverter Technology

A major selling point of the Ryobi is probably the fact that it runs on inverter technology.

The inverter technology is a system that will allow the Ryobi 2300 to generate a clean output, or rather an output that is comparable to what you get from your wall output.

Now, if you've used a generator before, you know that does not support powering sensitive electronics such as phones, laptops, and smart TVs because conventional generator produces "dirty" electricity.

With the Ryobi, however, the output goes through an advanced circuitry system, where it’s cleaned of all the impurities, or rather freed from voltage spikes and surges. The result is that the unit delivers a clean and smooth power output that is ideal for use even with sensitive equipment.

With the Ryobi 2300, it means you’ll no longer have to worry about frying or the structural integrity of your electrical appliances.

Fuel Efficiency

The Ryobi is a lightweight generator for lightweight uses, and hence it has a small fuel tank. In any case, a larger fuel tank would largely impact the whole "small footprint" that the manufacturer was hoping to accomplish.

The Ryobi has a modest fuel tank with a capacity of a mere 1.2 gallons. Consequently, the unit has a limited runtime of 7.5 hours at 50% load and 10 hours on 25% load.

Admittedly though, the tank is quite small, but we think the manufacturer has done a lot with the available space of the Ryobi in terms of fuel economy.  Such a runtime is rare to see even with high-end models such as Yamaha of the same class.

Noise Rating

Our biggest critic probably lies in the sound generated by this unit.

Sure, 68 decibels at 100% load or 57 decibels at 25% load is far from what you would call noisy and is acceptable by all means.

However, compared to the generator size and power produced, I would imagine or at least what I think is that the Ryobi is still a noisy generator. See, we’ve similar models, within the same class as Ryobi, with same even higher that have an excellent sound rating.

Bottom line, however, is the Ryobi will keep the offensive level noise at arm’s length.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, the Ryobi is one of the easy-to-use generators we’ve come across.

For starters, this unit features a GENControl interface that has the entire control buttons decentralized in a single spot for convenient use. Here, you can monitor the load, the oil levels, runtime, power consumption, and a host of other performance metrics.

Alternatively, this generator will allow you to connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth for the ultimate convenience. However, to use the Bluetooth function, you’ll need to use an app.


The Ryobi 2300 lacks a 240V outlet, but this should not come as a surprise for this unit as a majority of other units within its power class do not have this outlet.

However, these outlets are not GFCI protected, and this is to mean you’ll need to keep an eye to avoid water contact when using the unit.

Otherwise, we think the Ryobi is an exciting and lightweight model that will provide you with an exemplary performance.

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