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How Big of a Generator Do You Need?

You are here probably because you have already decided to get yourself a generator. Great. But it’s not over yet. A common question we get from our readers looking for generators is, what size of a generator they need. The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you would wish, sorry, and it depends on a […]

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10 Things to Look for While Choosing a Generator

Generators are a necessity in most households as they provide vital energy to support all your electrical appliances during power outages. Now, if you’re in the market choosing the perfect generator for your task, you’ll realize that it’s a challenging affair at the very least as they are many factors to consider beyond price. Gladly, we shall […]

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Westinghouse iGen2500 Generator Review

Westinghouse is one of the popular generator brands today. Having been in the generator domain for more than three decades, it’s not a surprise many people trust this brand. Despite its popularity, it does not mean that every Westinghouse generator will fit your needs, In this article, we are going to review one of their products; the […]

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Sportsman Gen4000df Dual Fuel Generator Review

Ideal for use for home, small businesses, and outdoor events, the Sportsman Gen400df is both a flexible and portable generator that has impeccable advantages and features. At the moment, the Sportsman is the most powerful unit of its kind on the market and offers a brilliant choice for those who don’t mind something retro and old […]

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Generac Gp2200i Portable Inverter Generator Review

What do tailgating and camping have in common? They are both outdoor experiences, grillable food is a must, cookouts and is made better with a portable generator. Speaking of a portable generator, Generac 7117 (GP220001) has been the conventional go-to power unit for the outdoor enthusiasts. This choice of alternative power is not a surprise since, Generac […]

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What is an Inverter Generator?

With any new technology, it’s common for people to become easily confused with the terminology and applications associated with them. If you have been looking to purchase the best generator, for instance, you have probably come across the term inverter generator. An inverter generator is a relatively new technology and has not been around for long. Understandably, […]

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How to Make a Generator Quieter?

Generators are a necessity in every modern home. Their benefits go beyond providing you with back up electricity, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a solution in case of a power outage. There’s a huge caveat, however, of owning of these units and that is the noise they generate. When […]

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