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Ryobi Bluetooth 2,300-Watt Super Quiet Generator Review

The Ryobi 2300 Generator is ideal for tailgating, camping, and for household uses; this 2300W Bluetooth generator will provide you with quiet, affordable, and long-lasting power. Unlike other commercial-oriented units, the Ryobi is more of a recreation unit with modest power output. Click Here To Check Latest Price Features and Benefits of Ryobi 2300 Click Here […]

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Westinghouse WGen7500 Dual Fuel Generator Review

Westinghouse has been at the frontline at providing quality generators. Producing smart appliances and at the same time transforming technological inventions, Westinghouse has been consistently providing years of value. Its latest creation, the WGen Series is anything to go by, and like all the Westinghouse models, the WGen series is one that will not disappoint you. In […]

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Ryobi 2200 Digital Inverter Generator Review

Coming from a world-class manufacturer of affordable power tools, the Ryobi 2200 is a generator worth considering. This unit is designed to be more than an ideal choice for power outages, but it will also double up as a perfect unit on jobs sites, and for emergency purposes. What we like about this unit is that it’s […]

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Predator 8750 Portable Generator Review

The Predator line of generators, manufactured by Harbor Freight, seems to be the best deal out there when it comes to power and value. The Predator 8750, in particular, is one powerful beast that will provide you with consistent stream of power. Sporting a feisty 420cc engine and an air-cooled 13HP engine, this model is designed for […]

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Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator Review

Versatility, power and convenience are yours with the Champion 3500. Designed with safety and convenience in mind, ​the Champion 3500​ is a mid-weight, fuel efficient and highly rated generator. Though it’s classified as a recreational type of generator, with a major inclination towards RVing and camping, it’s also an ideal model for household tasks, and can double […]

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Firman P03603 3650W Portable Generator Review

Firman is one of the respectable names in the generator domain. For a long time, this manufacturer has been producing premium and high-performance generators, and today, we’re going to look at Firman’s latest creation the Firman 3650. The Firman 3650 is where function meets performance; sporting a heavy-duty engine, durable construction alongside premium features, the Firman […]

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How Does an Electric Generator Work?

When there’s a power outage, generators are often used as the go-to solution for supplying backup power to a majority of the households. Like the conventional power grid, these generators will provide energy, more or less to what you usually get on the wall output. I’mprobablyguessing you are wondering how these electrical devices work, right? Well, in this […]

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How Big of a Generator Do You Need?

You are here probably because you have already decided to get yourself a generator. Great. But it’s not over yet. A common question we get from our readers looking for generators is, what size of a generator they need. The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you would wish, sorry, and it depends on a […]

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10 Things to Look for While Choosing a Generator

Generators are a necessity in most households as they provide vital energy to support all your electrical appliances during power outages. Now, if you’re in the market choosing the perfect generator for your task, you’ll realize that it’s a challenging affair at the very least as they are many factors to consider beyond price. Gladly, we shall […]

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