Power TechON 3000w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Review

There are instances when you need to convert your DC power to AC power. For instance, if you are RVing, and using a generator, you might need to convert the generator energy to something more palatable to your electronics.

In such instances, you’ll need a pure sine wave inverter to convert the raw energy and ensure that your electronics run smoothly. More importantly, you need to ensure that your electronics are safe from sudden surges and voltage that can damage their internal circuitry.

And today, we shall review one of the top-rated inverters in the market; the Power TechON 3000w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.

What is Power TechON?

Power TechON 3000w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

A product of GoWise, the Power TechON, also known as GoWise Power PS1004, is a portable inverter with a continuous power of 3000W and a surge output of 6000W.

It's a popular product in the market and enjoys a huge following.

But is the GoWISE Power PS1004 Pure right for you? Will it fulfill your power needs? And will it deliver on its promise?

Well, read on our comprehensive Power TechON 3000W review below, and see whether it’s the ideal inverter for you.

Performance (Power Output)

One of the critical components when choosing a power inverter is determining its power output. Power is actually what makes an inverter.

The Power TechON is one of ​the most powerful inverters in the market in the market, and it boasts of a running output of 3000W and a surge output of 6000W.

Now, if you know anything about inverters or power output, you know that this unit is specially designed for more power.

To see where I’m coming from, you’ll notice that most, if not all your household or RV appliances, require an output of less than 1000W. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the highest common power consumers in your household, alongside their related surge and running watts.


Surge watt

Continuous Watts

25" color TV



American-style Fridge Freezer



Coffee Maker






Home Air Conditioner



Electric Heater Fan



As you have realized, the Power TechON is, in fact, a bargain and value equipment that will power most of your appliances.


Given its high power rating, the Power TechON is not only a reserve for the household but is quite a handy power option in other domains.

For instance, users have found the Power TechON to be quite an incredible power solution for those RVing, on the boats, on vehicles, semi-trucks, and even for use with generators while camping.

So, whether you are planning to power your water heated mattress in your semi-truck, power your heat-gun, or keep your air conditioner running, the Power TechON is up to the task.

Versatility (Multiple Receptacles)

You might have the most powerful inverter in the world, but it would be useless if it can only power a single device.

If you have used a single port before, you already know the frustration ad inconvenience that comes with waiting on the line for devices to charge.

With the GoWISE Power PS1004, however, you’ll not have to deal with such a predicament.

This is because this inverter comes with multiple receptacles to offer the ultimate convenience.

The TechON supports 3 AC units alongside a single USB port. What this means is that you can now charge a variety of items simultaneously.

For instance, with this unit, you can charge your laptop, power your microwave, run your cappuccino coffee maker and charge your phone all at the same time.

Versatility on this unit does not stop here as this unit goes further to support 12V DC input and 120V output at a frequency of 60HZ, making the Power TechON synonymous with versatility and convenience.

Pure Sine Wave

With such an incredible performance so far, we might get thrown away from noticing that the Power TechON runs on a pure sine wave.

Running on a pure sine wave, it means that the Power TechON generates a smooth, and cleaner output, free from fluctuations and surges.

More particularly, this unit runs on a Total Harmonic Distortion of <3%, which is considered the ideal threshold for pure sine wave.

Unlike the conventional inverters, pure sine's do not have a gradual rise and fall or abrupt voltage, and this is quite crucial to the sensitive appliances.

Some of the appliances that can greatly benefit from this unit include:

  • Those that use a motor like freezers, microwave, and refrigerators
  • Those running on compressors
  • Delicate electronics with sensitive microprocessors like CPAP and other medical equipment
  • Electronics that do not have rectifiers or AC/DC adapters

Whatever classification of electronics you have, the Power TechON provides a solution to virtually all your electronics. And with this unit, you are guaranteed of safety for your equipment.

Safety Feature (5-Tier Protection System)

Now that we have mentioned safety, you will be surprised to know that the safety measures on the TechON 3000 go beyond the pure sine waveform.

This power inverter uses a 5-tier protection system to guarantee the maximum safety protection of your appliances. This protection system consists of:

  • Thermal protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Low voltage protection alarm

In addition to the above safety features, this unit comes with a cooling fan to keep the inverter running at optimal temperatures for maximum efficiency. Keep in mind that inverters can get really hot when working, and the cooling fan will serve the purpose of toning down the temperatures.


Though the Power TechON 3000 is heavy duty and hard performer, it has some annoying aspects which we did not like.

For instance, though the 15 ft. wired remote control is a convenience feature that will allow for hands-free operation, we would have loved to see a "wireless" remote, which would truly make this unit hands-free.

Nonetheless, this powerhouse has everything that you need to keep your devices running; from the high-output, sine wave output to the safety features, the Power TechON will provide value to your money.

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