Generac Gp2200i Portable Inverter Generator Review

What do tailgating and camping have in common? They are both outdoor experiences, grillable food is a must, cookouts and is made better with a portable generator.

Speaking of a portable generator, Generac 7117 (GP220001) has been the conventional go-to power unit for the outdoor enthusiasts.

This choice of alternative power is not a surprise since, Generac has been in the generator domain since 1959, manufacturing quality generators for every application. From large standby generators down to small portable units, this company has earned a stellar reputation in producing quality units.

Brand aside, how good is the Generac GP22001. Read our comprehensive review of this popular inverter generator and see whether it fits your needs.

Features and Benefits

Generac Gp2200i Review


Whether you are looking to use this unit for RVing, tailgating or camping, Generac GP2200i will provide you with a portable power solution for a variety of open-air festivities.

With a modest dimension of 19 x 11 x 17 inches and weighing 46 pounds, the Generac is one of the lightest units you will find out there in the market.

Sporting a suitcase design, this unit comes with a molded case handle that will make it easy for you to carry the unit single-handedly like a suitcase.

The portability of this unit makes it a perfect unit for the outdoor enthusiasts, thanks for easy transportation.

With its weight, the absence of wheels does not make much of a difference since this unit is extremely lightweight and can be carried with a single hand.

Power Output and Performance

Under the hood of the Generac, we have an 80CC, OHV engine. While this engine is on the lower side of the scale when comparing engine seize, it does but provides you with an incredible performance.

This drivetrain, for instance, boasts of generating a running power output of 1700W and a surge wattage of 2200W.

Now, if you are RVing or camping, this is sufficient power to keep most of the essential travel trailer appliances running.

From TV, stereo, DVD players, refrigerators, microwaves, laptops to phone, this generator will liven up your outdoor experience.

Besides use on the outdoor scene, the Generac GP2200i also makes an inspired choice for both the household as well as the job/construction scene. Here, it will power your household appliances during a power outage and at the same time, provide sufficient power for the light to moderate power tools.

Parallel Connectivity

Another awesome thing that users liked most about this generator is that it has a parallel connection port.

Now, if you feel 2200 watts is not sufficient, you have the option of doubling your power output using another Generac GP2200i through a single outlet.

The Parallel connection will allow you to connect an extra generator to the GP2200i, and this will help to boost your power output.

TruePower™ Technology

If you fear on the compatibility issues with the power output from Generac, you will be glad to know that it features a proprietary TruePower Technology.

This is a feature that will guarantee the provision of clean, stable power free from voltage fluctuations and surges.

The clean power, is in particular, handy, to those with the sensitive electronics that tend to get damaged to unclean power.

Laptops, smartphones, and smart TV, for instance, have microprocessors, which are quite sensitive to electrical power and will easily get damaged in the event of fluctuating power output.

With the Generac, However, you can now rest easy, knowing that the power delivered is clean and compatible with virtually all appliances.

Fuel and Fuel Efficiency

Under the compact design, the GP220i boast of a large 1.2-gallon fuel tank that will keep you running for seven straight hours at 50% load. And when on a quarter load, this unit will keep you running for up to 10.25 hours, which is sufficient to take you through a day time event or light your household from dusk to dawn.

A major contributor to Generac’s impressive fuel efficiency is the presence of the Eco-mode.


Like a majority of the inverter generators, the Generac GP comes with an eco-mode function.

This is an advanced performance technology that optimizes on the performance and fuel usage of the generator.

It does so by matching the speed of the motor in the engine to the load or power getting drawn. Unlike the conventional generators which will run on a constant stream of power, regardless of the power getting drawn, the Eco-mode will adjust the speed according to the load.

The benefit of this feature is that it results in more optimized fuel efficiency and sparing use of fuel.


It’s quite unfortunate that the manufacturer has not provided us with the actual noise levels of the Generac GP2200i.

However, according to the reviewers, most of them are generally happy with the unit’s noise level, with some saying they use the generator in the field without having to disturb their neighbors.

One of the features that dramatically reduces the noise level is the fully enclosed design of the Generac.

And expectedly, Generac, being an inverter generator, is generally quiet compared to other forms of generators.

Ease of Use

The Generac comes with a simplified control panel that will promote ease of use and convenience.

The control panel, for instance, has all the control features centralized on a single location, meaning you will not have to go looking for the control features elsewhere.

Moreover, this unit comes with a LED status panel that indicates all the essential performance metrics of your unit.

And for an easy start-up procedure, this unit comes with an easy-to-use start dial.


For the ultimate convenience and versatile use, the Generac GP2200i comes with a USB outlet and a DC outlet.

Though it’s not the highest number of receptacles we have seen, it will still allow you to connect two devices at a go.

Conclusion: Is the Generac GP2200i Right for me?

The Generac GP2200i is a robust generator that is ideal for virtually all lightweight to moderate tasks. With a reliable and clean output, this unit will cater to virtually all your household and RV appliances, including sensitive electronics.

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