Forney 190 MIG Welder Review

Forney 190 is simple to use and quite reliable.

Highly versatile, this multi-functional MIG welder can be used on a variety of tasks such as general fabrication, farms, boat repair, repair welding, and automotive industry.

An electric-powered model, this unit has amperage of 190A. The output on this unit makes it suitable for anyone looking for a simple, yet powerful welder that can handle light industrial projects up to 3/8” in a single phase.

Enough with the rambling, let’s see what this welder has to offer.

Forney 318 190 MIG Welder Specifications

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Forney 318 190 Features and Benefits


Forney is housed by an all-metal casing.

The metal casing on this unit renders Forney sturdy and durable.

Also, the casing extends the longevity of this welder.

With this unit, you don’t have to worry about its structural integrity as it can handle anything you throw at it.

Regarding weight, this unit comes at a modest weight of 18 pounds. The 18-pound son this unit makes it highly portable, allowing you to carry the welder from one location to the other.

Portability is further underlined by the presence of a top carry handle. The carry handle makes the Forney look more like a suitcase, thus improving the portability of this equipment.


Forney is a highly versatile welder.

This unit supports both MIG and Flux-cored welding.

The multi-functionality of this unit means that it can support a greater range of metals and different thicknesses.

So, whether you plan to work on stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, or even cast iron, you can be sure that the Forney 190 will be up to the task.

Again, the multi-process functionality of this unit increases the value of the welder. With this welder, you’ll have a dual-welder housed in a single unit, saving you from the hassles of purchasing individual welders for each task.

Wire Feeder

A notable feature on the Forney is the cast-aluminum drive system.

The cast-aluminum drive system renders the wire feeder on the Forney more rugged. The ruggedness of the wire feeder allows it to easily weld across heavy-duty materials and extends its longevity.

Further, the wire feeder on this unit is of a premium build compared to other welding devices. A primary reason behind this is that it comes with an upper geared idler that feeds the wire for better and more effective feeding consistency.

In a nutshell, the Forney 318 gets better with tougher jobs.


Forney is a uni-voltage welder, meaning it only supports a single-phase welding.

The 230V might be quite a bummer to many since this input is not supported by the household electrical outlet. This is to mean you need to adjust your electrical outlet to accommodate Forney.

Nonetheless, the 230V option will provide you with more power compared to the regular 120/110V option.

The 230V will allow you to generate a higher amperage rating, making it easy for you to work on the thick metals.

Speaking of output rating, Forney 190, like its name suggest, offers a generous amperage rating of 190A.

Sure, it’s not the highest we’ve come across, but the rating accompanied with the high input will allow you to work on a variety of metal and of different thicknesses with ease.

According to the manufacturer, Forney can weld aluminum with a thickness rating of 24 ga to 3/8 inches is a single pass.

Voltage Settings

While at the performance, it would be worth noting that this welder comes with six different voltage settings.

The voltage setting, located on the front panel, will allow you to choose the wire thickness.

The six settings are two more than what we have in the Forney 309.

It's the addition of these two more settings that allow the Forney to handle metal with a thickness of up to 3/8 inch thickness.

And if you’re still unsure of what metal thickness to go with, there’s a chart inside the case that will help you do that.

Duty Cycle

Duty cycle is measured in 10 minutes and often expressed in a percentage.

Forney comes with a modest duty cycle of 25% at 120A. It's not the highest since it means you'll only work for two and a half minutes before taking a rest.

Nonetheless, it’s deal for the lightweight duties that do not require a lot of power.

Better Control

Nothing beats a simple and intuitive welder.

Forney will offer better control of the entire welding process, thanks to the presence of a flow meter.

The flow meter is a handy feature that supplies the correct regulation of gas.

It uses a single-stage piston control how much gas is ejected.

As a result, it will provide you with much greater control of the entire process by allowing you to move at the right speed that will fit your welding needs.

Easy to Use

Forney does not feature TFT display or any technological advancement.

However, it does feature an Easy-start feature.

Like its name suggest, the Easy Start feature makes each strike EASY.

This function comes with a simple layout comprising of a three-position switch.

The switches will allow you to handle the entire welding operation quickly and easily.


The accessories on Forney are pretty much limited, especially considering it does not include a TIG torch, spool gun, and foot pedal.

Nonetheless, it does include the accessories needed for Stick and MIG set-up, including a flow meter and gas hose.


Forney 318 190 MIG welder is a premium machine built with quality in mind.

Ideal for both the seasoned and newbie welders, this welder has a plethora of features that make it worth considering.

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