Firman P03603 3650W Portable Generator Review

Firman is one of the respectable names in the generator domain. For a long time, this manufacturer has been producing premium and high-performance generators, and today, we're going to look at Firman's latest creation the Firman 3650.

The Firman 3650 is where function meets performance; sporting a heavy-duty engine, durable construction alongside premium features, the Firman 3650 is a few of the top-tier generators from Firman that will provide you with unrivaled performance.

Sure, Firman is not as popular as Yamaha or Honda, but that should trick you into thinking the Firman 3650 is just a regular type of generator.

But how does this unit stack up? Will it fulfill your powering needs?

Well, in the Firman 3650 review section below, we shall highlight everything you need to know about this generator, including, its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Features and Benefits of Firman 3650

Firman P03603 4550w 3650w


You can't fail to notice the Firman 3650, thanks to its striking matte yellow that blends well with black color at the bottom.

The entire structure of the Firman generator is housed under cast iron sleeves, which helps in promoting the durability of this unit. The frame will keep the engine and all other components of the Firman safe from dents, or even drops.

Dimension-wise, the Firman measures 27 x 19 x 20 in, which is quite a modest dimension, and this unit will save on space and enhance the portability of the unit.

However, when it comes to the weight aspect, the Firman is quite bulky. With an astounding weight of 128 pounds, the Firman is not the lightest unit we have come across, and this might prove to be quite a challenge in terms of portability.

Luckily, the manufacturer has included two sturdy wheels on the unit, and this will allow you to push or pull the generator without using much of your effort. The presence of wheels is what probably makes this unit ideal for outdoor activities such as camping and tailgating.


When it comes to performance, the Firman 3650 does not skimp; this machine is a heavy duty unit that will provide you with a reliable stream of energy.

Under the hood of this unit, we’ve a 208cc engine that delivers true 30A of power.

With the engine, the Firman deliver a surge out of 4550W and a running output of 3650W.

Now, if you know anything about generators, you know that this is a monster output that will allow you to drive most of your electrical appliances.

Whether you're looking to power your household lighting system, looking for backup power or to power your RV, the Firman should be an inspired choice.

It’s not a surprise that this unit has such a versatile use, making it ideal for use in household, commercial outlets, job sites, and emergency purposes to outdoor use.

Quiet Operation

A common problem with most of the generators is the sound they produce. And if you’re like me, you know that noise is quite the annoyance that you can stand.

Gladly, with the Firman 3650, you’ll no longer have to deal with noise issues, thanks to the proprietary whisper series muffler.

This is a new technology that dampens on the noise generated by the generator and keeps the noise a bare minimum.

In the Firman, the muffler can suppress the noise to a modest rating of 68 decibels.

This noise rating is similar to what a normal conversation sounds like, making this unit among the quietest generators in the market.

So, whether you’re reading, or trying to concentrate on something, the Firman will not be much of a bother.

Fuel Efficiency

For such an enormous generator as the Firman 3650, fuel efficiency should be a critical factor of consideration.

Traditionally, the bigger the unit, the more of a fuel guzzler it is, but the Firman 3650 breaks this protocol.

With a generous 5-gallon fuel tank, this unit will provide with a run time of whopping 14 hours at 50% load.

So, whether you’re looking to carry out a full-day event, or keeps the light going from dusk to dawn on your RV, the Firman is certainly up to the task.

Remote Control

Worried that you'll get cold when starting your generator during the rainy days?

No need to worry as the Firman will provide you with the much-needed convenience of starting the generator wireless; operated using a remote, the Firman will allow you to start the unit while 186 feet away.

Beyond the remotes start, this unit will allow you to use alternative methods such as an electric start button or recoil start method. Whatever method you choose to use, the Firman is easy to use, and this goes ahead to underline the versatility offered by this unit.

Firman Volt Lock

The Firman, though a regular generator, it doubles as an inverter generator.

I understand I might have confused, but the Firman, like an inverter generator, will provide a clean output.

This is because this unit is fitted with the Firman Volt Lock automatic regulator; a feature that ensures that this generator delivers a clean, consistent power output from Firman’s Power Stream alternator

Sure, the output generated might not match that one of an inverter generator or rather wall output, but we can all agree that this is a step forward from the regular generators.

Control Function

Simplicity at its best, this model is engineered with you in mind. The control features, for instance, are all conveniently located in a single spot, and this will allow you to locate and operate the unit without much of a strain.

And finally, when it comes to safety, the Firman 3650 comes with a low-oil shutdown feature that will automatically shut the unit in case it runs low on fuel. This helps in preventing the damage of the engine.


While the presence of the Firman Volt Lock is a good idea of delivering a clean output, the manufacturer is still not clear on whether the output is a modified type or pure sine type. This causes a lot of confusion because users don't actually whether they can use the Firman for sensitive appliances.

Otherwise, the Firman has all the desirable properties you would wish to see in a generator.

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