Champion 3400W Dual Fuel Generator Review

Champion is a household name with an exciting portfolio of premium generators. One of my favorite, which I think you will like is the Champion Dual Fuel inverter generator. A highly versatile unit, this 3400-watt dual fuel generator has a whole arsenal of features to offer.

To learn more about this awesome generators, read on our comprehensive champion dual fuel generator review below.

Features and Benefits of Champion Dual Fuel Generator

Champion 3400 Dual Fuel Generator Review


Sporting a sleek cuboidal design, the Champion 3400W is a candy to the eye. Beyond, aesthetics, this unit is mounted in a 2-wheel system alongside two heavy-duty handles on top, which makes it highly portable, and negates the 95.7-pound weight.

The fold-out handle will make the wheeling of the Champion a breeze, while the two solid carry handles, will allow you to pick the unit easily, and put it in a vehicle for transport.

When it comes to the overall construction, this unit is covered in plastic. Though plastic is not the most reliable material, it offers sturdy and solid construction, and you will not be afraid of breaking it when moving it around or using it.

RV Ready

The Champion is primarily made for those looking to explore the outdoors with their RVs.

Fully RV-ready, this unit will provide you with a special RV outlet (120V 30A RV outlet), allowing you to plug in a camper without a special cable.

Besides the RV outlet, this unit comes with multiple receptacles including two 120v 20A household outlets that will allow you to perform a myriad of tasks including charging your USB devices right off the front panel.

Dual Fuel

Another major feature of the Champion 3400 is that it’s a dual-fuel type of generator. This is to mean that it can run either on propane or gasoline.

The benefit of having the option of using either fuel is that it will provide convenience and peace of mind in knowing you can never fail to run your generator.


When running on gasoline, the Champion 3400 boasts of a surge output of 34000W and a running output of 3100W. With such a high output, you can run a variety of your RV appliances including the monster 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner.

On the other hand, when on propane, you will get a surge output of 3060w and a running output of 2790W, which is roughly 10% less of what you get with gasoline. Still, this is decent power output, and it will allow you to run a 13,500 BTU RV air conditioner.

Inverter Technology

Running on inverter technology, the Champion 3400 will provide you with a continuous stream of reliable and clean power output.

Unlike the conventional generators, the output from an inverter generator does not suffer from voltage surges and can be liked to what you get from your wall output.

In a nutshell, you’ll always feel safe when using the Champion 3400 as this generator is ideal for your sensitive electronics such as phones, laptops, and smart TVs.

Fuel Efficiency

The 192cc Champion engine will provide you with decent fuel efficiency on the 20-pound fuel tank.

While on gasoline, for instance, this unit will run for 7.5 hours on a quarter load and while on propane, it will provide you with 14.5 hours on a quarter load.

Though gasoline will not take you through a full-day event, propane will just work fine from dusk to dawn. And this again, pings back to the benefit of having a dual fuel generator.

Economy Mode

Like all the inverter generators, the Champion comes with an eco-mode function.

This is a feature that optimizes fuel efficiency and maximizes on the performance of the generator.

Contrary to the conventional generators which run on a constant speed, regardless of the load or power getting drawn, the eco-mode on this unit will adjust the speed of the motor, depending on the load.

This will ensure that the generator does not overwork itself, or rather use unnecessary energy. When this mode is triggered, you will realize that you will not only consume less fuel, but you will also help in promoting the longevity of your generator.

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Traditionally, generators are synonymous with noise. But it does not always have to be that way. You can save yourself from the agony of a noisy generator with the Champion 3400.

Rated at only 59 Decibels, it’s incredibly surprising to have such a power generator rated for such a minimalistic sound level.

With such unusually quiet operation, the Champion 3400 will allow you to easily have a conversation, even when this unit is still running.

The low sound levels make the Champion an awesome option for activities where you're around other people, such as camping or tailgating. You will no longer worry about annoying your neighbor because of a noisy generator.

However, understand that the noise levels will fluctuate depending on the load, with the least sound generated when the unit is running on a ¼ load and economy mode.  Still, even when on full load, the Champion will still keep the noise levels within a decent range.

Easy to Use

Sporting a convenient electric start with a 3-position ignition switch, you will not have trouble starting this unit.

Beyond an easy start, this unit comes with an intuitive Quick Control Panel with all the control functions centralized in a single location.

Generally, even if you are new to the generator, the Champion 3400 will provide an easy and hassle-free first-time experience.

Potential Problems

For such a premium and heavy duty inverter generator, we would have expected a remote control operation, as it becoming a standard function in many generators within its class.

Another potential problem with this unit is that if you leave it idle for a long time without hardly using it, might result in the wearing down of the battery. This is to mean you'll need to change the battery frequently.


While the absence of the remote control is a bummer, it will only inconvenience you, but hardly affect performance.  For the latter issue, I think it can be overcome by some pretty basic maintenance.

By and large, the Champion is an incredible generator with lots of power and delivers on what it promises.

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