Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 Inverter Generator Review

If you are in search of the best generator, you want something lightweight, reliable, and quiet.

The Briggs & Stratton P3000, which we are going to review below, excels in all the above features plus more.

Part of the PowerSmart Series, this model is loaded with premium performance features and it has all it takes to get you powered in case of a power outage.

With a generous power rating of 3000W, this monster generator is ideal for just about any task, whether big or small.

From powering your power tools on your job site, getting you through an emergency storm to powering your RV battery while tailgating, this device is versatile as it can get.

In the Briggs & Stratton review section below, we are going to dive into all the features of this model and see what makes it a consumer favorite.


Briggs & Stratton P3000 review


If you know anything about generators, you understand that power is usually the biggest factor to consider when choosing a generator.

The P300 is capable of delivering 2600 running watts and 3000 surge watts. The power output on this generator is generally on the lower side, and it's not a surprise since the P300 is primarily marketed as a generator for RV and small businesses.

But what does this power mean?

Well, quite a lot; though quite relatively small, it packs a punch.

With it, you can power some of the light to moderate home appliances such as AC units, microwaves, TV’s, and small refrigerators.

For instance, when we were tailgating, we were able to use the P300 to power our sound bar, TV, microwave, and TV, all at the same time without a glitch.

Clean Power

What electronics are you planning to power using the Briggs & Stratton?

If you are planning to run sensitive electronics, the Briggs and Stratton P3000 is an ideal choice for that as it's an inverter meaning it generates a steady supply of power with minimum distortion, and this makes it suitable for powering your sensitive electronics.

Unlike the majority of the conventional generators, the P3000 has low Total Harmonic Distortion (<6%), and this is to mean that it will automatically convert the DC power to AC without the need of using an external inverter.

Power Outlets

The versatility of a generator goes beyond the types or variety of appliances it can handle, but also the number of appliances your unit can handle at a single time.

The P3000 is as versatile as it can get because at a single moment, it will allow you to charge up to a whopping eight devices simultaneously.

The multiple power outlets that make this possible include:

  • A 12V DC charger alongside USB outlets. This should help you charge your phones and other small appliances.
  • Four 120V AC Outlets-This should help in charging most of the common household items including fans, laptops, TVs, power tools and more
  • One 120V 30 amp locking outlet- This outlet, with an RV adapter, will cater to your RV charging needs alongside and other appliance requiring 120V.
  • A parallel connection plug

Parallel Connection Plug

Speaking of parallel connectivity, the P3000 has a plug that will allow you to connect an additional P3000 generator to up your power needs.

If for instance, you need more than 3000W to start an appliance, the parallel connectivity will allow you to boost your power output to double by connecting two P3000.


Great for outdoors, the P300 has an extremely efficient design. For starters, its compact design, with a modest dimension of 2.4 x 13.2 x 23.5 in and weighing 84 pounds.

The compactness of this unit makes it easy to transport as it will easily fit in small spaces. This feature is even handier in an RV where space is premium.

Portability on this unit is further manifested by the presence of a set of never flat tires two 8-inch wheels, which will make it easy to move around.

Better yet, the unit comes with twin handle design alongside a luggage-style telescopic handle to make mobility a breeze.

Fuel Efficiency

P300 runs on unleaded gasoline, and it features a gigantic 5.7-liter tank.

Sure, when pitted against other models with comparable power output, you will see that the volume of the tank is a slight setback as it is definitely on the lower side.

The good news is; this unit will provide with a generous run time of up to 10 hours at ¼ load, making it ideal for lasting you through the night or a through a full-day occasion.


If you are using your generator at a public place or night during a blackout, noise can be a concern.

Gladly, with the Briggs & Stratton P3000, you will not have to worry about the sound generated. This is because the manufacturers of this model have employed an automatic idle feature.

This is a feature that will reduce the speed of the engine to match the load on the generator, and this translates to low noise production.

It helps this generator to run quietly (at 58 decibels at a ¼ load) and more importantly, allow it to run longer.

Ease of Use

The Briggs & Stratton comes with a simple and easy to use design.

Across the board, this unit features a control panel with conveniently placed control features that are within reach.

More to this, the unit comes with an LCD alongside LE message center. Here, you can get all the vital performance metrics, including oil level, and functionality status.

Verdict: What We Think of the Briggs & Stratton P3000

If the P3000 fits your description, I would highly suggest that you add it in your list of assets.

It has an awesome power rating, highly portable and easy to transport.

More importantly, it’s an inverter generator, and for the price, I think it’s definitely a bargain.

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